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My mission is to help you look and feel healthy, happy and youthful. To accomplish this, it takes more than just surgical skills - it takes having an eye, an imagination, and compassion. Your satisfaction is my reward; therefore, my full attention is yours, and I am committed to making you feel comfortable during this transformation. With this philosophy, along with my expert staff, I hope to make your plastic surgery endeavor a safe, comfortable, and successful experience.

Dr. Sean Younai, is a Board Certified Cosmetic Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, who practices in Encino, Los Angeles, Southern California. He is expert and skilled in all aspects of cosmetic and plastic surgery, in particular, Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty, body lift, thigh lift, buttock lift, liposuction, liposculpture, and fat grafting. Dr. Younai has combined sixteen years of cosmetic plastic surgery training with many more years of clinical experience to offer his patients the best that they can attain in a tummy tuck. He gives patients a tight, curvy, and sexy tummy, which enhances the rest of their figure. With his special abdominoplasty technique he not only gives you a beautiful abdomen and belly button, but also a more lifted buttock and thighs. When necessary he combines liposculpture and other lifting techniques to improve your shape. All these results in a “Perfect Tummy”.

Who might benefit from a Tummy Tuck?

tummy tuck
tummy tuck Beverly Hills
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After pregnancy and child birth, or after  losing weight many people lose the elasticity of their abdominal skin as well as the firmness of the abdominal wall muscles. This causes hanging skin folds and stretch marks, or a “pooch”. No matter how much fat and weight they lose, or after many sit -ups they just can’t firm-up their abdomen and can’t get rid of their stretch marks. No laser treatment, cream, excises, or machine can remove the stretch marks and tighten the abdomen.

Do I really need a tummy tuck plastic surgery or can I get away with liposuction of abdomen?

Liposuction can only remove excess fat and it does not address redundant flab or abdominal wall weakness. If you have good skin elasticity, rare stretch marks, and minimal skin excess liposuction could be a good option for you. On the other hand if you are mainly concerned about excess flabby lower abdominal skin, want to remove your stretch marks, and have minimal fat you might be a better candidate for a tummy tuck.  There are some people that have much fat as well as lose skin folds. In those it might be necessary to first do a liposuction in order to remove the excess fat, and then later do a tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen.

Do Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery/Abdominoplasty involve scars?

Yes. In order to remove excess skin all plastic surgeons make a lower abdominal incision. I always try to place this scar very low, even lower than a c-section scar. the incision is then carried towards the hips along the lines of a bikini. Because I do all the sticking from inside, and use skin glue on the outer skin these scars are often very thin after they mature. The incision of the belly-button is usually hidden in the depth of the umbilicus. therefore, if you are wearing a bikini, even a skimpy one, it is usually very easy to cover the thin surgical lines.

Abdominoplasty & Recuperation
I perform this procedure mostly on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Before surgery all patient receive a medical check-up to optimize their surgery. Our anesthesiologist is Board Certified and is very experienced in giving anesthesia for tummy tucks, even for patients with multiple medical conditions, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Thyroid disease. Our surgical facility is Fully Accredited by Medicare, AAAASF, AAAHC; and is staffed by licensed, experienced, and caring nurses. After surgery most patients go home or to an after-care center. Patients need to have a friend or a family member assist them during the first week after surgery. Depending on the extent of the surgery most patients can return to routine work schedule after 10-14 days. The abdominal skin will be numb for a few months after surgery; therefore, you should be careful not to burn it with hot water. Abdominal area will be swollen after surgery, and it usually takes several months for this to resolve, and for you to be able to see the full benefits of this procedure.